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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Those gorgeous pale blue skies reveal a tentative warmth. Spring doesn't feel quite real yet. Neither does anything that happened yesterday in Boston. Boston native, the always eloquent Erin of Elements of Style put it beautifully. I'm heading out for a run bright and early tomorrow morning, and I'll dedicate it to everyone in Boston. It will be my most mindful run yet.


Head over to Local Milk to congratulate the lovely Beth on her one year blog anniversary (it's hard to believe that gorgeous blog has only been around for a year!).

Joy makes some almond milk smoothies and I'm digging her flavor choices: beet, blackberry, and kale. Okay, I'm not really digging the kale option, but I know I should be adding that to my diet.

Sometimes you just want something simple for dinner. This cod in creamy vanilla sauce from Gourmantine would do it for me.

Kelsey at Happyolks always posts the most meaningful essays. Her words on life and the choices we make are full of wisdom and careful thought. Plus, there's a recipe for quinoa and roasted vegetable salad.

I try out many different spices in my baking and cooking, but I come back to the spice cardamon time and time again.  Emma has used it in an Estonian cinnamon-cardamon kringel bread that I'm looking forward to trying.

Make sure you travel to Saveur before Friday to vote in the annual food awards. Some of my faves are nominated!


  1. It is crazy that Local Milk has only been around for a year, I feel like I've been following it longer but that's probably just because there's so much beautiful food to look at :) And so exciting that she got engaged, too!

    1. I know, i'm looking forward to seeing her shots of bridal stuff too.

  2. I subscribe to your blog by email so I am always happy to see a new post in your box. I was briefly even more elated today because your title is half of my blog name. Food Lust People Love. Keep up the lovely work.



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