Borne back

Monday, June 10, 2013

 "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

I love that closing line to The Great Gatsby. But it's such a sad thought: are we all doomed to repeat the past? I was thinking about that a bit as I traveled down to Pennsylvania to my family's house for the weekend. It's so easy to find yourself slipping back into old familial and deferential roles. It's so easy to feel like a child again. 

DVF rocks my world. She is such a powerful and inspiring woman. The New Potato has a great interview with Diane's personal chef, Jane Coxwell. She gets to cook for Diane on her boat, how cool is that?

This Crepes of Wrath Brooklyn lemonade would hit the spot on these strange rainy (but still hot) days we've been having. It has bourbon, beer, AND lemonade! Hello lover.

What's up with doughnuts being everywhere on the web right now? I have to tackle these maple sea-salt beauties on Edible Perspective. (Just figured out it was National Doughnut Day on Friday, duh.)

Now that I'm growing out my hair (it's longer than it's ever been in my life!) I want to see if  I can try out new hairstyles. Loving this simple banded chignon on Camille Styles.

I need to reach beyond my regular dark blazers, and try out patterned ones like this gorgeous striped blazer modeled by the fabulous Wendy on Wendy's Lookbook.

interior design
79 Ideas just kind of blew my mind with this gorgeous Silver Lake home. Those shiny dark wood floors only work in a home with tons of light, and wow are they stunning.

Alice Gao travelled to Stockholm and stayed in the most amazing apartment. Thankfully for us she documented her stay. It's kind of hard to believe that kind of light exists.

hard to define
Show your support for Grace Bonney today as she shares some deeply personal news with us.

James at Bleubird Vintage snaps a photo of her four children every week and I've grown to love her series. I wish I could be disciplined enough with my camera to do it too.

Here's some Refinery 29 advice for all those women out there striving for equal pay in the workplace.

I know the last thing you need is another way to waste time on the internet, but this one is really fun, I promise! Check out the Geoguessr and have fun trying to guess what part of the world the random images come from!

I'm going to try out making my own deodorant! I've been shamefully using a Dove stick for a while now while I try and figure out a non-aluminum choice that actually works. So I was excited to find that Apartment Therapy has a recipe to create your own. 

See you later this week!


  1. Loving Geoguessr! Thanks for going through everything so we can discover new sites :)

    1. Glad you like it! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it ;-)

  2. Look who's turned into the hippie of the family! ;)
    Love the pics today <3

    1. heh heh, since i made this post, i'm now into this Soapwalla product sold on Etsy, it's a deodorant cream.


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