My (snowy) weekend in images

Monday, December 16, 2013

View from the living room when we woke up on Saturday!
I love when it snows on the weekend: I make sure my fridge is full of food (although really, in our house it's just important to have chocolate, eggs, and bacon), I break out the snow gear, I make a plan for one ambitious city activity - and then let the snow fall. This weekend we decided to make a trip to the museum of natural history - one of my favorite places ever.  Here's what we got up to:

Starting off Saturday morning with a cappuccino in a cozy cafe and some window snow watching is never a bad idea.

...especially with friends

We bundled up and took the bus to the west side
The Rose center was the perfect place to watch the snowstorm ... the light in there is just fantastic.
Of course as soon as we got to the museum, she was hungry - why does that always happen? She was super happy with a grilled cheese sandwich from the cafe on the first floor (it has better choices than the food court) 
Can we talk about this travesty for a second?  Why does this "astronaut bear" have to be a space princess in order to appeal to a girl?  This annoys me more than I can express in words. Why can't we just encourage our girls to be regular astronauts instead of pink frilly space princesses?
Make sure you get to see the butterfly exhibit at the museum. It's steamy, and the butterflies land all over you!
Truly one of my favorite places in the entire city. I never, ever get tired of visiting.
Sunday was a lazy day compared to Saturday's adventure. We stayed in, cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, went through old forgotten clothes and packed bags for donations, ventured outside for short walks, went swimming, and drank lots of hot chocolate. It wasn't as taxing, but equally as fun :) I hope you guys had a brilliant weekend as well.


  1. fabulous pictures of the city in snow! The snow rarely settles in London so all we get is the swirl without the blanket of white.

    1. the swirl is lovely too, though :)) And that blanket of white turns very quickly to a grey slush that coats everything.

  2. Yesssssssss these photos! Also, what is that sappy comment above. G-ross. I love the pic in the museum with the windows and how the black coats stand out so starkly. And of course Lils everywhere. Love love love this post. And that pink astronaut is HORRIBLE.

  3. Beautiful images. Love the idea of going to a butterfly exhibit!

  4. What a great weekend! Look at all that snow!! :)
    xo TJ


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