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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday walk by the East river

I was at the Guggenheim this weekend, and though it was a fairly quick trip (with young children you have to kind of dip in, and then out immediately) I did linger in one particular gallery to listen to a group of art students discussing a particular Picasso painting. I noticed that the woman in the center of the group was blind, and the other students were describing the lines of the painting to her in aching detail. The details were so beautiful that I had to stop and listen. I traced the lines with my eyes as the earnest student described them to the woman. It's those very details I want to celebrate.

And now let's see who else likes to focus on the details:

interior design

I'm dying to paint a navy blue dresser in our entryway pure white like this gem featured on Apartment Therapy.

Or is blue a trend that I need to keep going with? I loved this blue feature wall on Bright Bazaar and then Centsational Girl put together this roundup of blue rooms in all their glory. Maybe I'll leave that blue dresser as is.

Jenny's piece on the Arizona flea market scene makes me want to hop a plane down to Arizona pronto. PLUS I'd escape this never-ending snowstorm here in NYC.

Should I ever own a home (or apartment) with a fireplace, I'm pinning these ten ideas for an amazing fireplace by This Little Street for ultimate inspiration.


I hope no one from work is reading this entry, because I think this poached pear mascarpone tart from Chew Town would be a solid entry for our next company bake-off.

I don't know why I have trouble cooking salmon, as it's a perfectly agreeable fish, but I can never seem to get it right. Perhaps this sous vide salmon with roasted beet sauce from Brian at A Thought for Food might be one to try. Of course you have to have a sous vide water oven, hmmm, maybe i'll just try out the roasted beet sauce of this recipe instead.

I need to share the meyer lemon olive oil bread recipe I just made last night, but in case you need meyer lemons in your life RIGHT NOW, then you should try out this meyer lemon magic custard cake recipe from Diane and Todd at White on Rice Couple. Their recipes never fail!

And now I'm off to revel in this snow day we're having here in the city. Winter is kind of blending into one big snowstorm for me, and all I can do is laugh now - it's just so ridiculous.


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    1. Me too! And happy birthday! And also, I emailed you!

      Have a great weekend, Berta

  2. Ooo I discovered the secret to salmon (probably via Jamie) as I always got it wrong too. I now get a small baking dish (or make a tin-foil wall in a bigger dish) enough for your salmon steaks to fit snugly together. I put the marinade (usually rapeseed oil and lemon juice; maybe other times soy sauce and sugar/honey) in the bottom, put the salmon steaks on top (skin up) and pour the rest of the marinade over. Salt/Pepper it nicely...and pop in oven at 200deg for 20mins! Lovely *moist* salmon ;)

  3. I love these photos!!!! Gorgeous, dervy

  4. Did you see the Italian Futurism exhibit at the Guggenheim? I think you may have gone right before it opened. It's really a wonderful exhibit, you should check it out if you a chance to go back! I think it'll be there for a couple more months.

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