My mothers day treat

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I had an exceptionally relaxing mothers day this year. Mostly because it was spent by myself with two friends. We had the brilliant idea a few months ago to get a hotel room for one night of the holiday weekend. Once that was decided upon, we added in extra treats like a massage and dinner reservations at Cherry - an Asian-fusion restaurant in Chelsea that was on our must-try list.

Now this would have never happened had I not been seriously motivated for some time away. The relief when we entered our rather decadent hotel room was palpable, and the time away was well spent with prosecco, trashy tv watching, and all-around general girl talk. We woke up at the luxurious hour of 9:30am and dawdled over a room service breakfast.

And then we walked home through the heady blossoms in Central Park to meet our husbands and children for the rest of mothers day. I somehow think the cherry blossoms are prettier when they come to the end of their lifespan, don't you? When they flutter down to blanket the earth in a thick pink petal carpet I can do nothing but stand still in awe when I see them (and instagram immediately, also).

So all I'm saying is that I hope all you mothers, mothers-to-be, and those who wish and hope to be mothers (now or in the future) took care of yourselves this weekend. We all deserve a little time to ourselves, in whatever capacity we can make it happen. I know that may seem counter-intuitive to the whole point of mothers day, but I say mothers day is whatever you want it to be. I know I returned home a more relaxed person for my night away. And a happier me = a happier atmosphere at home :)


  1. Great post, dear!


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