Rainy nights

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I love the sound of the rain - don't you? I love it when I'm warm and dry at home, and I love it when I'm out and it's pounding down on top of my umbrella (or, more often than not, my bare head). We rarely hear rain hit the windows in this apartment. It probably has something to do with the angle of the building and the proximity to other structures around us. So, on those rare days that I can hear the soft slap of rain against the glass, I'm quick to turn off all sound producing machines around me so I can press myself to the north end of our home and listen to that peaceful sound. 

I write this because we're having one of those rare evenings. It makes me want to stay up all night.


Let's make smoothies every morning together, shall we? I'll settle for trying this one with coconut milk from Say Yes to Hoboken just once a week.

Just in case you've got more Meyer lemons to use up - check out this tasty looking recipe for mussels in Meyer lemon garlic broth from Caitlin at Roost. And while you're there, watch her beautiful beach video, it will calm you down.

My go-to soup in wintertime is cauliflower cheese soup but if potato soup is your jam, then try this one from Angela at Oh She Glows.

Interior design

Tori at That Pair of Crutches did a lovely roundup of nursery art for under $15!!

Suzanne and Lauren McGrath of Good Bones, Great Pieces are hosting a One Kings Lane tastemaker sale starting Thursday evening at 6pm. I'm excited!!

Habitually Chic suggests a replacement for Downton Abbey for all you Anglophiles: HBO's Parade's End.


Emerson Fry launched their spring collection today but the servers crashed due to all the stylish people hanging out on the site. I'm hoping they'll be back up and running soon!

Are you looking for some new sneakers for the spring? Tell Anne at The City Sage what you've got your eye on and see her stylish choices too.

Sarah put together a good list of best and worst dressed at last Sunday's Oscars.

As This is Glamorous attests, Jennifer Lawrence is simply heaven.

Some shots of the past few days:
All shots via Instagram: @dervlakelly


  1. Love the pics! Especially of the 2 cuties with bed-hair. On This Is Glamourous, J.Lawrence looks like she's pinching Daniel D.L.'s bum! Brilliant :)

  2. I loved the sound of the rain last night, too. It's so relaxing.

  3. You make the rain sound much more glamorous than it, and that makes me smile :).

    Love the photos.

  4. i love your blog. i could hop through these links all day.

  5. Oooh I love the J-Law pics :) She's so pretttyyyy. And that coconut shake I can't decide about the spinach leaves and so now I really, really want to try it. SO many things I need to try out here before leaving, because all those ingredients are definitely laying around! Haha, were you one of the stylish people on Emerson or did it crash before you go there. ;)


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