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Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm not a sun worshipping kind of girl, in fact, I'll often cross to the shadowy side of the street and I hate squinting if I'm outside without sunglasses. But I'll gladly worship the sun we have today and might even walk on the sunny side of the street. It's 86 degrees out there, and while that's a little odd for this time of the year and I'm sure poor Gus the polar bear in the Central Park Zoo hates it, it's put a spring in my step on this April day.

When I'm craving something beautiful to look at, I travel over to Caitlin's Roost blog. Not only is it the most beautiful food photography I've ever seen (she's self-taught!) but it also has some really interesting gluten-free recipes. Listed by Saveur as one of the blogs they love and just last week nominated for best blog in the special diet section, Roost combines dreamy photographs with great recipes. I have yet to find a way to love lentils, so I doubt I'll be making her most recent recipe. But I'm keeping my eye on the site for the next post.

Check out The Kitchn's review of the top 10 outdoor food markets today. Created by National Geographic, this post gives you the rundown on the best markets out there from all over the world. And yes, the Union Square green market made it in! I mean, I think it's pretty incredible and have the privilege of walking through it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I didn't know how it compared to other markets in the country and world. And now I want to go to the market in Helsinki and check out bear salami!

You must know by now that I love all things tart and lemon. I mean not only the tartness of lemon but also the physical tart, but not the girl who is a tart! Oh whatever, you know what I mean, I LOVE LEMON! I was delighted to see that Sweet Paul tackled the ubiquitous lemon tart for his Recipe Monday post today. It has an almond crust which I bet gives it a lovely sweetness.

Head over to Young House Love today for a really cool Model One radio giveaway. They are giving away the cutest little radio in your choice of green, blue, yellow, or red.

Did anyone check out HBO's new show Girls last night? What did you think? My Sunday nights are getting a bit crowded with Game of Thrones, Masterpiece Theater, and Mad Men so I had to put Girls off until tonight. Looking forward to it though.


  1. yessss we made it! I go here every weekend! Borough Market, London, England: "London's oldest food market... delights foodies with its cornucopia of fine foods from independent suppliers throughout the U.K. and beyond..."

  2. What's this girls show? I like HBO shows - hope it makes it here soon! I'm not a fan of that Coyote Ugly girl though..

  3. I watched it on Youtube yesterday and can't decide if I liked it or not... It does amaze me that this one girl wrote, directed, starred in AND executive produced the whole thing. Have to keep watching, I guess!

    1. I liked it! I love the girl in the starring role. Thought she was so funny - doesn't she remind you of everyone in publishing?


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