Curator Picks - 4/27

Friday, April 27, 2012


Totally totally in love with this photo on The Sartorialist today. Her heels are crazy though, was she really going to ride her Vespa with those on? Or did she just see Scott coming with his camera and run back upstairs to put on a crazy awesome outfit? (Cause that's what I would have done).

Great round up of camera bags on A Beautiful Mess. These camera bags don't look like the boring black cases you always see as they are not only functional but so so pretty. I kinda love this Jo Totes one, now if only my upcoming photography class wasn't online!

Other stuff:

My husband just sent me the link for this book which is out of stock on Amazon. I can clearly see why. It's a hilarious parody on Goodnight Moon called Goodnight iPad. I think it will be making its way to my bedside table very soon to remind me to shut down my electronic gadgets every night and enjoy some unplugged time.

This article published in the New York Times last sunday is a little obvious but I still found it very interesting. We're relying on our phones or other electronic devices more and more, in fact I'm finding it hard to walk to the subway now without at least holding my phone in my pocket in case I miss a vibration that might signal a new email or text message. And I was just out at lunch with two other people and we all checked our phones several times throughout the hour away from the office. Is it possible to just unplug and absorb your surroundings? I found it funny that you can tweet the article to your followers - isn't that exactly what the author is telling us not to do? I guess I should be encouraging you not to read my blog and instead speak to some people face to face, but I won't :-)

Anyway, enjoy the weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday. I'm ending with a photograph I recently took of my 5 month old. This is a pre photography class shot, I'm hoping to learn to be more creative and post more stuff on here soon.


  1. I love the Vespa-girl's heels! Nice twist on the motorbike boot :) And what a great baby pic - I love how she's staring up at you!

    1. I know, right? I basically want to be that motorbike girl.


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