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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So, I was on the train this morning, and I couldn't stop staring at a group of young girls chattering away to each other about the different areas of the city they were exploring. It was obvious they were new transplants to New York. They seemed fresh with possibilities and energy, and stared wide-eyed at the rest of us. And that's when it hit me: I no longer feel like a new transplant to this city. I'm part of the regular sleepy and cynical hoard traveling to work by rote - shifting mindlessly to one side when people get on the train, and barely raising our eyes except to change the page on our kindles. When I exited at Union Square, I walked behind another young threesome, their so carefully chosen black clothing flapping awkwardly, newly, around them and they proclaimed loudly, "it's so HUMID here!" as they walked past stands with fragrant piles of zucchini and lavender.

After I noted these two groups of fledgling New Yorkers, I reminisced about my own arrival to NYC and realized today that tomorrow, July 4th, marks my 11 year anniversary in New York City! 11 years ago tomorrow, my father and I ran a 5k race in Pennsylvania, then jumped in our car and drove up to the city to move me in. Was I too fresh with possibilities and energy then? I don't feel so very different from that girl today (minus the wide-eyed element). Tomorrow I'll celebrate July 4th as America's birthday, my sister's birthday, and also as my own personal coming to NY holiday. Cheers and slainte to new beginnings and possibilities! I hope your own holiday is equally as meaningful.

interior design

I love the home goods store Wind and Willow. They feature wood bowls and kitchen tools and many other things that have been dipped in gorgeous, bright colors. I was lucky enough to get one of their little bowls dipped in pink paint in my Alt Summit goodie box, and I use it for my rings every night. A whole collection of their bowls would look so pretty on a white shelf.

Travel to Honey Kennedy to wish Jen a happy birthday, and while you're there, enter to win lots of things!


Have you tried the famous Cronut yet? Everyone in NYC is going crazy for this pastry, which is basically a croissant fried in a doughnut shape. Pioneered by Dominique Ansel, it sells out in 2 hours every morning. Ansel picks a different flavor each month, and July is a sweet blackberry cronut. The Kitchn has the scoop.

This weather may not call for a savory pie, but I cannot stop craving this chicken pot pie put together by Alice Gao and Maria del Mar Sacasa for Nikole Herriott's "for the love of pie" series.

Sometimes we forget that the simplest of dinners are the best. Luisa reminded me of that with her meal for baby Hugo.

I plan on raising a glass tomorrow as we watch fireworks, and hopefully that glass is filled with Amanda Freitag's strawberry basil margarita found on The New Potato.

Tara at Seven Spoons reminisces about her childhood summers (so, so different from my temperate Irish ones!) and gives us a recipe for campari strawberry limeade ice pops.

If you're in the US have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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  2. Gorgeous post Dervy!! Happy anniversary! Now it's mine, too. :)


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