Tuesday night

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday night found me sweating in my kitchen. I had the oven up at 400 degrees and I was baking tomatoes. It was so totally worth it though. I sliced up some my big farmers market tomatoes, scooped out the insides (with my handy serrated grapefruit spoon!), filled them up with a mixture of egg, chives, and Parmesan cheese and baked them. Served over some warm orzo it was like summer on my plate. Unfortunately, it felt like summer inside my apartment too, it didn't cool down until at least 10pm. No more oven for a while.

Here's what I'm loving out there right now:

interior design

I love this idea of turning any quote into a framable piece of art. Do it here on Recite.

Ashley and Jamine at Handmade Home are feeling the need for a design change - as much as I love everything they do, I'm excited to see them change it up. It's always fun to follow along as my favorite bloggers redo their home.


If you're already loving WhoWhatWear and their fabulous home site Domaine, then make sure you check out Byrdie, the newest fashion and beauty site from Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. This empire is growing!


Jennie, the total Brooklyn girl, bought a house upstate! I love her ruminations on having a place that your children can come home to. Oh, and there's a recipe for a blackberry old-fashioned, luckily I have bourbon at home right now.

Ok, clearly all food references are just going to be cocktails, cause I'm never turning my oven on again. Here's a fresh peach jalapeno margarita from My Baking Addiction.

And here's another bourbon drink: Sweet tea and bourbon from new (to me) LA blogger Sugar and Charm.

And let's sip it alongside these amazing raw tacos from Laura at First Mess. 

hard to define

Just in case you're struggling with a work life balance (and who isn't, really?), Anne of City Sage pointed me towards the motivational site, Live in the Grey. Started by two marketing dudes, it's all about how to find your passion and actually live the life you love.

In this household, we've left our summer holiday plans to the last second and we're still browsing Airbnb nightly. The problem is, I'm finding too many drool-worthy places, and am now left helpless, unable to make a decision. Does anyone else have this issue? Airbnb's cofounder, Joe Gebbia gave Domaine his top 10 destinations list - and most of them are surprisingly cheap, perhaps this will help me.


  1. Jalapeno peach margarita yummmmmmm. I had no idea you were looking into Airbnb! Don't all places say no kids, though? Or are there some lucky grandparents who will be helping out? Send the girls to DC, I'll take 'em!

    1. I know, right! That margarita is on my list for Friday. And lots of places on Airbnb accept families, it's just up to the individual home owners.

  2. cool post :) !



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