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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday: Somehow this little one turned 2 last week. How did that happen so fast?
Friday: Had to pause while chopping leeks to admire the colors. They were used for leek and cauliflower soup (with ground cashews as a cream base!)
Favorite item of the week: cute mama and baby fox from IKEA (used when dancing to "What Does the Fox Say?", of course!)

Saturday: The beginning of a butternut squash, apple, and brie galette. Next time I'll add more brie and make my pie crust with no sugar. It felt like I was having a sweet pie for dinner.
Location: tiny park on 2nd avenue and 91st street. I can't get over the colors this season.
Location: same park as above. We were the only ones out and about most of the day on Sunday. The rain kept others inside. Luckily we love being outside in the rain.

Location: 91st street between 2nd and 3rd avenues. It was this kind of weekend, misty, foggy (so foggy we couldn't see past our building at one point) and the trees are in that florescent phase right before they go dark for the winter.
Location: 93rd street. I saw this chair on my street on the upper east side on Sunday. Unfortunately it had been raining all day otherwise I would have picked it up immediately, and found a way to reupholster it. Although, after I posted this shot on Instagram yesterday, several people ooohing and aaahing over it made me regret my decision to leave it behind. I told myself if it was still there on my morning walk that I'd grab it. It was gone :( 

I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Beautiful pics. The girls are getting so big!! Love the Ikea foxes, we have an Ikea dog and it's a favorite.

    1. thanks Natalie! IKEA makes the cutest animal toys :)

  2. that chair is out-of-control amazing!

  3. This is my favourite post yet! Love the pics. Happy birthday little 2-year old!!


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