Star gazing

Thursday, November 21, 2013

 I was able to get up on the roof of my 32 floor building a few nights ago to watch the NASA rocket launch from Virginia. I stood there with some neighbor friends, craning our necks back to catch a glimpse against the city lights, but unfortunately we didn't see it ascend into the darkness. I'd had never been up on my building's roof before, and I took a look around (although not for long because the wind was turning my hair into freezing whips, I was like an icy Medusa by the time I was done up there).

We could see south, as far as the Empire State and way beyond
And then east to the East River and Triborough (now RFK) Bridge
I can't even imagine how incredible a sunrise or sunset would be from up that high. I'm going to do my best to get up there for both of those next year (with a proper camera, not just my iPhone).

While I wait for Downton Abbey to return, I'm falling headlong into Parade's End on HBO. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (could his name possibly be any more perfect?) from Sherlock (the best!) and it's written by the incomparable Tom Stoppard, whom I've loved since my heady days in 12th grade english class reading his tragicomedy Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern are Dead.

Interior design

Did you see the Domaine feature on Susan Feldman of One Kings Lane? Her Hollywoods Hills home is drop dead gorgeous, and I'm drawing major inspiration from everything I see there. Clearly she gets to draw from her awesome position at One Kings Lane, but still, it's pretty amazing.

I've been looking for ages for a chalkboard for our entryway, one where I can note all of our various appointments and to-do lists. I eventually caved and got a glass whiteboard but now this Apartment Therapy chalkboard roundup is making me reconsider that whiteboard.

I appreciate this honest and refreshing post from Nicole of Making it Lovely. It's not often that a design blogger will give us a candid look at a room in their home, one that isn't necessarily done up to perfection as we're now wont to expect because of idealistic sites like Pinterest.


As Adrianna says, you shouldn't make this rose apple pie with bourbon glaze if you're handling the major part of the Thanksgiving meal. But seriously, the one is a work of art.

I have trouble loving kale, I'll admit it. But here's a kale recipe I could get behind. See Bev's sausage and kale pasta bake here. The kale is completely buried, and that's fine with me.

Or you could travel to Marrakech with David and Luise and enjoy a raw key lime mousse with pomegranate while you gape over their gorgeous shots. I was there so long ago, without a great camera, and this post makes me long to return (not that I needed much prodding, really).

And then some pretty moon bokeh for you to close out the post


  1. Great pics! That seems really cool. I've never been up on the roof of my building-too scared!

    1. thanks Jackie, it was a little freaky (and windy!) but the view was amazing.

  2. i love stargazing - i'm heading to vermont this weekend and i'm excited that i'll be able to see the stars! :)

  3. Where did you get your glass board - is it see-through like on Scrubs cuz that's what I'm looking for :) Oh and Apartment Therapy's link didn't work but it cut to the cutest picture of a bold puppy instead!

    1. it's not see-through, that would be fun. I'll send you a pic. And that link works for me ... hmm

    2. Yep link works for me now! AT site must have been down this morning thanks!

  4. I loooooooooooooove the last pic!!

  5. I love that post about how homes by Nicole- Despite (or maybe because) I am a stylist I always feel my home should be picture perfect, yet life keeps getting in the way.

    1. I totally know what you mean. Because i work on so many interior design books, people expect my home to look like the inside of one!


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