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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do you ever listen to a certain type of music and feel yourself rise out of your body and become part of the air around you? Music by luminaries like Zoe Keating, Kerry Muzzey, Lisa Gerrard or Adele do that for me. I can go from feeling like I'm walking lost and alone through a fog, to feeling a connection with everything that surrounds me. To appreciating life and everything that brought me to where I am today. It's enough to bring you to tears sometimes. It's incredible the kind of power, peace, and solace music can bring. It's after midnight on Friday and those are the kind of weepy universe connecting things I think about when everyone else is asleep and dreaming.

In case you're not listening to some beautiful piece of music, here are some links to start off your weekend on a good note:

Interior design:  

I'm pretty sure I'm going to die if I don't get something from the One Kings Lane Anna Karenina movie sale. Although, as I write this entry I can see that the collection is almost completely sold out, so I hope you've been on to this since this morning.

Here's my fave site of the day for you to check out: Design for Mankind. Written by the lovely Erin Loechner, this site is full of great tips on fashion, style, interiors, and more. I'm spending more time on there than is healthy.

Victoria at SF Girl By Bay pointed me towards the Anthology holiday gift guide today. Rather than assemble one post or even a series of posts, in true Anthology style they created a comprehensive magazine! This is really the only gift guide you need to be looking at.

The latest issue of Est Magazine is out. This Australian interiors magazine never fails to inspire me.

I dream about redoing my office at work. Would they allow me to buy my own desk? Not sure. But if they would, I'd go for something like this all-white office featured on The Decorista. I'd be so much more productive, I promise!


Growing up in Ireland, I ate brown bread daily. I still long for it and make it when I can. It's what I turn to in the afternoons in between lunch and dinner. And although most Irish wouldn't mess with the original brown bread, I'm eager to try out this feta thyme soda bread from The Little Loaf.

You know I love my pizza dough, I usually use frozen pizza dough from Whole Foods or Fresh Direct or make my own using a Jamie Oliver recipe. But this recipe from The Beeroness for pizza dough with beer is making me drool. I usually drink my beer when I'm making and eating my pizza, so trying the beer IN the pizza is going to be new for me.

To end my post (as I started it) on a musical note: I love the fact that the 50 Shades of Grey: The Classical Album has been bumped down the classical music billboard chart by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles "Advent at Ephesus" album. Could those two be more different?!

Have a gorgeous and musical weekend.


  1. How does 50 shades already have a soundtrack?!

    1. I think it's just all the music he mentions throughout the book put together in one album. (not that i have read the books, ahem)

  2. The description of the bread is making my mouth water - YUM! Can you send some my way? PS I didn't even know there was a 50 shades of grey soundtrack?!! what ever next?!! :)

    1. heh sure! Not sure how well brown bread travels, though!

  3. that anthology gift guide is really great- hadn't seen that one yet.

    1. it is great, isn't it? Covers everything and everyone.


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