Curator Picks - 4/3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm a huge fan of flowers in my apartment, but I'm hopeless at arranging them. The blooms all end up flopping sadly to one side of the vase and just look silly. Until today that is. Victoria over at A Subtle Revelry has posted a foolproof way to display flowers so they look cohesive and fill your vase just using a grid of simple rubber bands. It's so clever and I'm thinking of picking up some flowers on the way home tonight (have you seen those gorgeous tulips in Union Square?) and arranging them on the dinner table.

You really can't go wrong with lemon. Bake or Break has some yummy looking lemon blueberry cheesecake bars up on her site today, I just might make them to savor with tea after sunday dinner this weekend.

Have you checked out the hilarious Tumblr site, Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table yet? A coworker showed it to me last week and I've been laughing ever since. The author shows photographs of perfectly designed rooms and takes the trends apart. So so funny.

Technically, this recipe was posted yesterday but I didn't get to it so I'm posting it today. The always interesting Sweet Paul has a recipe for a caprese salad, except it's a caprese tart! He puts the ingredients on a puff pastry shell and it looks like it comes out beautifully. Definitely adding this to the list once tomatoes are in full force at the markets.

In eighth grade I had this funny english teacher Mr. Purcel. He reminded me of a giant penguin, waddling around the classroom in his dark suit intoning about diagramming sentences in his deep voice. Even just thinking about putting a sentence into that funny structure makes my throat tighten up a little. I always found it so daunting and was never able to get it quite right. I don't think they teach diagramming anymore now, do they? This piece on The Opinonator blog for the New York Times brought it all back for me. Also found today on Swiss Miss.


  1. love the flower arranging idea! definitely needed that tip


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