Friday, November 2, 2012

The city is still eerie and quiet - as we slowly recover our former spirit. It's way too dark outside, plenty of people on our block still don't have electricity. For the first time I can look out of my window and the usual twinkling lights of apartments in the neighborhood have been replaced by a few stars. My office is still closed and won't be opening up until at least Monday. While I'm on this weird forced work hiatus I'm trying to stay busy by cleaning the nooks and crannies of my apartment that haven't seen a dust cloth in forever, but instead I find myself gazing out the windows at the torn-apart city. I'm left wondering if we'll all be the same when we do return to normal life.

For more photos of the strange darkness that surrounds us, check out this post by Anna of Door 16.


It feels fitting to only post about food this week, as a return to blithe posts about interior design and fashion felt a bit irreverent. So, here's what I have my eye on:

While I'm at home this week I have to tackle these salted dark chocolate espresso cookies from Stephanie at Desserts for Breakfast.

Sometimes we forget that the most delicious recipes are the simplest. I'm definitely trying out this recipe for franks and beans from Dinner a Love Story on the next busy weeknight (aka every night).

Just when I thought Jessica's recipes couldn't get any better, she outdoes herself with apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes on How Sweet it Is. I mean, come on, apple + bacon + sweet potatoes!?

This ginger spiced pear bread just might become my new holiday bread. It sounds like the perfect mixture of fruit and spices that will evoke the holiday spirit. Plus, it will probably make my apartment smell amazing as it bakes. And I can be doubly thankful that my oven works.

Also, I really meant to participate in NaNoWriMo this year but the hurricane threw me off. Can I still start 2 days late?


  1. Um, definitely trying those stuffed sweet potatoes! i figured it was apple smoked bacon but no! apple and bacon! yum :)

  2. Everyone knows you can start NaNoWriMo whenever you like.
    I agree - it's been an uncomfortably odd week.


  3. I have just discovered your blog and I love the way you write. I agree that simple food is sometimes the best and those apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes do sound fabulous. I hope the city recovers soon.

    1. thank you, Laura! That's so nice of you. Hope you enjoy those sweet potatoes soon :)


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