Aaron Sorkin is in my head

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Am I the only one watching Newsroom on HBO? Is anyone else out there enjoying it? I'm watching the season finale as I type this post. It's one of those shows (like West Wing) where the characters go into long, idealistic rants about life, morality, and politics; one of those shows that you listen to and think "oh, he just literally put my opinions and feelings into words - it's like Aaron Sorkin is in my head!" Are you guys watching it? What do you think?

Interior design:

I always thought I wanted a pure white kitchen with maybe pops of green, yellow, or red here and there. That is, until I saw this color saturated kitchen discovered by Erin over at House of Turquoise today.

Check out this super cute and unique house tour in DC on Apartment Therapy. The paint colors are really fun, but I'm having the most fun checking the comments to see how much she gets ripped apart for displaying the American flag as a curtain on her window.


This is the most decadent version of mac and cheese I've ever seen from Manger. It does involve a 3 hour braise of oxtail so I'll save it for a crisp, cold sunday in a few months.

I'd like to wash down the last few weeks of warm weather with this cucumber and mint gimlet from A Beautiful Mess.

Tim at Lottie + Doof does not like chocolate. Everyone knows this. So, when he posted this recipe for chocolate juniper cake I paid attention. I bet the juniper gives it a pine-y kick and I'm putting it on my list to try.

Win a copy of that Sprouted Kitchen book I mentioned yesterday on Love and Lemons.


This signature bar cart from Mrs. Lilien made me chuckle. I won't be spending $550 to buy one, but I still thought it looked cute.

Do you get girl crushes? You could buy a magazine about it! The site Got a Girl Crush has put out Issue 2 of their magazine featuring women in creative fields. This issue talks about Joy the Baker, among many other talented women.


  1. I had to nip over to the post on apartment therapy just to see the comments about the flag! 550 is a little over kill on a bar cart. I found my vintage bar cart in my mother-in-laws attic and it's now one of my favourite pieces - not sure if that has to do with the booze or.... :)

    1. I don't think I'd pay that much for a bar cart either! I'm pretty sure ours cost $20. Love that yours is a family one :)

  2. Oh wow, I love the sound of that Choco Juniper cake - rolling it so it caramelises the sugar?! Yum.
    And nope - no Newsroom for us. Gave up on it after watching the 2nd episode (maybe should have started with the first?) but couldn't get into it!

    1. I think you should try the initial episode of Newsroom!

  3. #1 i really want to watch newsroom! i've heard such good things. #2 i love the combination of cucumber and mint. YUM. #3 i met joy the baker once at a book signing and thought i might hyperventilate from nerdiness. luuuuv her and all girl crushes.

    1. Yayyy try Newsroom, you won't be sorry. Love Joy too ;-P


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