Can we talk about Bachelor Pad?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's time to talk about it, you guys. It's time to stop playing around. I know you watch Bachelor Pad and I just know you're dying to discuss it with me. What? What's that you say? You don't like it and wouldn't touch the show with a ten foot pole? Well then, you'd better stop reading cause I'm going to talk about it...ANNNNNDDD here I go:
  • First of all, can we talk about Kalon? What's up with his shiny, shiny face? His lips look like they are connected to his chin, and ugh, I need to stop thinking about it.
  • Why does Lindzi have to spell her name that way? It's almost as annoying as her voice. And what does she see in Kalon? Why doesn't that shininess turn her off?
  • Chris came out of left field for me as a villain. I didn't see that on Emily's Bachelorette season.
  • And what about sweet Michael being parted from Rachel, their love having appeared to blossom overnight. I must admit, I almost shed a tear at the parting of the lovers. Damn you, Erica.
Okay, deep breath. I'm done now... until next week. What are your thoughts on this season?


Did you know that the White House brews its own beer? According to The Kitchn, President Obama carried several bottles with him on the campaign trail. The beer is made with honey from Michelle Obama's garden and now people are petitioning the White House for the recipe!

All of these summer memory posts are starting to make me sad, and summer isn't even over yet! But I still like this one by Mimi over at Manger. She also posts a recipe for chouquettes (sugar puffs) filled with chantilly cream. YUM.

Wow, this gorgeous focaccia bread with cherry tomatoes, olives, and thyme from Gourmande in the Kitchen looks like the most beautifully decorated piece of dough I've ever seen. To make it even better, it's a gluten- and grain-free recipe using coconut flour!

Interior design:

I love Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame. Her style is so easy and comfortable and doesn't feel too forced. She even has her own hotel in Round Top, Texas! Rachel lists her favorite summer things on Apartment Therapy today.

Lauren at Pure Style Home has a thing for botanical prints. She found hers at The Evolution Store in SoHo - a place I'm now planning on checking out. I hope I come back with some skulls (which would look wildly out of place in my apartment). It would be good to shake things up a little.


The Coveteur profiles actress Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez, the ladies behind monthly memberhip shoe program Shoemint.

It was no big surprise to me that Australia took 4 of the top 10 spots in The Economist's World's Most Livable Cities. London and New York fall depressingly low at 53 and 56 on the list.


  1. Just wanted to put my two cents in about Bachelor Pad-- Chris did seem sort of smarmy to me on Emily's season :)

    1. Yes, I suppose you're right. He did hide it well on Emily's season. And he has totally come out of his shell on this show!


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