Curator Picks - 3/23

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ah, today. Today makes me happy because it's Friday and because it's the 23rd. Can't explain it but I've always loved the number 23. And once you identify a number you love, then you see that blasted number EVERYWHERE! Anyway, not too many posts out there today, probably because most of those bloggers are out enjoying the sunshine we're having here in NYC.

Apartment Therapy has a great post giving you a peek into famous writers bedrooms. We all want to feel like we're looking at the room where Sylvia Plath came up with her powerful poetry, or William Faukner penned his best work. And perhaps we think if we look hard enough we can soak up just a little of their genius?

Decor8 and Little Brown Pen both discuss Wayfare magazine, a travel e-mag that has just launched. Finally a travel site and magazine that focuses on the experience rather than the destination. Packed full of inspiring photographs and great money-saving tips, this one is going to be a regular read for me.

Sweet Paul always knows how to inspire, and today he has a DIY project of framed blue stamps. Reminds me of my stamp collecting hobby as a child.

That's about it out in my blogland. I'd love to be heading off to the movies tonight to watch The Hunger Games, but it's way too nice to be inside.


  1. 23 does seem to be all around us...freaky.

    I like your comment about the travel site. So many forget about the experience (which is dynamic) and focus on the destination (which is static).

    Nice find. I had never heard of that site before.


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