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Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I was a child my parents used to take my siblings and I to a strawberry festival every year in our small Irish town. As I remember it, the only food there were strawberries piled high in their traditional blue green paper boxes. These weren't your big fat juicy American strawberries, but little tiny jewel-like orbs that we popped into our mouths with big globs of freshly whipped cream until our lips were stained red. There was also a seesaw ride that I used to love, but that's beside the point. All this came rushing back to me when I saw Stephmodo's entry today on strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar. There are no strawberries for sale yet at the Union Square farmers market, but I'm keeping my eye out for some.

Have you guys checked out the mom site Elizabeth Street yet? I downloaded the app to my phone and iPad when Cup of Jo mentioned it a few months ago and am seeing it pop up everywhere. It's basically a review of stylish moms living in a few selected cities (New York, Paris, London, Rome, Los Angeles, etc.) and what they do for fun with their children. You can even apply to become one of their next featured moms on the site and the app. I'm not half as stylish or accomplished as these women but it's inspiring to click through their profiles and see where they eat, what they wear, and get good suggestions for places to go with children.

Design Sponge has a great post today on a London flat makeover and as I have a sister living in London, I thought I'd post this one for her. I love the industrial look but it often feels cold and un-lived in. The designer Cassidy Hughes has done a wonderful job bringing warmth to the space.

Apartment Therapy has opened their 8th annual smallest coolest home contest. Submit photos of your tiny space (must be under 1,000 feet) and show Apartment Therapy how you live well in a tiny space. Meanwhile, 1,000 feet doesn't sound so tiny to me! First prize wins $5000 and the new iPad.

Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen has a crazy awesome insane recipe today for spicy caramel bacon popcorn - do you think it would be odd if I had that for dinner tonight? Not crazy, right? So glad you agree.

Leaving now to go find some strawberries so I can reminisce about my childhood.


  1. Ha, I love the before and after pictures of the Strawberries and Cream - so typical of that type of mean...I challenge anyone not to finish a serving (or 3)! And loving the London flat makeover! Maybe I'll submit my own...:)

  2. Wow more great pics! This is my new favorite blog :-)


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