Curator Picks - 3/22

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It was difficult to be indoors today, the weather is simply glorious, and as I walked on the street this morning cherry blossoms gently fell around me. It all feels like it's happening so fast. Slow down spring, slow down! I would have been happy sitting on some random stranger's townhouse stoop all day but home calls and there is work waiting. I couldn't neglect my blogs, so here is what I've found so far today:

Cup of Jo has one of her great weekly giveaways, this time from San Francisco clothing line Curator (hey, we have almost the same name!).

Ummm, sour cherry oatmeal cookies with pistachios from Stephmodo? Yes, please! Another project for the upcoming rainy weekend. And they have cardamom, which has to be one of my top five favorite spices. There is something so sweetly exotic about it.

Over at Young House Love, Sherry and John are giving a full house tour via video. You have to check that out. I'm dreaming about doing a renovation like that when I have a house.

Oh my gosh, what is up with the paper flower explosion in the craft world? They are everywhere right now. Grace Bonney over at Design Sponge talks about Frances & Francis paper flowers. The cool thing is they are made with real twigs so they are a hybrid of real and paper! Really pretty.

I've been dying to check out the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MOMA. Pikaland has a good review of the show. Tough to get away from home on the weekends so I'll have to make this a lunch hour priority. There's something so freeing about seeing art exhibits by yourself, don't you think? I find it a more pleasant experience and i can pick and choose the pieces I want to spend more time at (or skip over).

Ok now let's sit here for a minute and tilt our faces to the sun, shall we?

Talk to you tomorrow!


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