Curator Picks - 3/30

Friday, March 30, 2012

Some days all you need is a good cup of tea to get through the morning. And some days you need something stronger. It's Friday so I didn't need much more than a chocolate croissant from the cafe downstairs and a little Radiohead to put a pep in my step today.

I was blown away by this video this morning on Swissmiss featuring ballet dancers from Staatsballett Berlin dancing to Radiohead's Everything in Its Right Place. The video is in slow motion and it's so inspiring to see what the human body can do. Their strength makes my jaw drop. You can also watch on Devour.

My good friend Luisa Weiss of the beautiful blog The Wednesday Chef, posted a Judy Rodgers recipe today for applesauce, and this will be perfect to make for my 4 month old when introducing solids in two months. It's the easiest baby food really, although I might leave out the sugar and just sprinkle it on for myself. I'll freeze it in ice cube trays for easy access.

Why is it that my 3 year old always asks for a snack right as we're walking out the door every morning? I'll be sweating through my winter coat and have one foot out the door when the request is made. Usually I end up grabbing some veggie booty or throwing some granola in a baggie for her to carry as she heads up to daycare with her dad. But this great recipe for 4-Ingredient Banana Oat Bars on The Kitchn will solve those impromptu requests. The original creator of the recipe also adds flax seeds which I'll definitely do too.

Who doesn't love getting a sneak peek of the genius behind your favorite bloggers? The Pioneer Woman has a great post today with her favorite kitchen tools and I'm taking notes.

Los Angeles has been on my list to travel to for a long time, and coupled with my new years resolution to get out of Manhattan a bit more, I'm eager to take a trip across the country. Cup of Jo has posted a mini guide to LA today. She covers places to stay, eat, and visit for fun. She asked her readers to supply their favorite places too so I'll be reading the comments for some more ideas.

I hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend. We're planning on catching up on a lot of laundry and doing some general chores around the city. Unless there are some really awesome posts worth sharing later on today or this weekend I'll see you here on Monday!


  1. Love the blog. keep it up. I want to check out all the sites. So interesting. Time, time, time.

  2. I gave you the Zuni Cafe cookbook when you moved into your apartment in NY. Excited to see Luisa mention it for the apples recipe!

  3. Four ingredients is perfect for me! And those bars look good, too...


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