Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like most of you I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of social media coming at me from all angles these days. I can hardly crawl out of bed in the morning without checking twitter, pinterest, and my million blogs. There have to be others out there like me. So, why not put my nefarious talents to use; let me locate the best blog entries out there and put them all in one place for you to pick and choose from.

A little about me: I'm a book editor living and working in Manhattan. I work mostly on books in the following subjects: interior design, gardening, and cookbooks, so my blog reading lies in the areas of design and crafty DIY. I hope you'll find this a useful venue to find some of the best writing and blog entries out there. My goal is to update this at least once if not twice a day with the best new stuff coming out each day. I'll try to be as current as possible.

There, writing it must make it true.


Okay, let this experiment begin...


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