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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If I stand at the windows of my apartment I can look right into the windows of another apartment building across the street. It's a little spooky (and a lot cool) to watch other people going about their lives and walking from room to room having no idea they are in a fishbowl. Does that make me sound like a total weirdo? Sorry. I've seen some crazy stuff too, but I can't write about that on this classy blog ;-)

Anyway, all this to say, I'm sitting at my kitchen table and staring out the window, and mostly I see people doing the same thing I am: Typing at a screen, setting their dinner tables, reading a book, chasing their children around. Living their lives. And tomorrow I'll probably pass them on the street while I'm walking the dog and I'll wonder why they look vaguely familiar.


Does this blog post go under the food category? Perhaps it should go under a brand new category of awesomely cool stuff? Either way, I'm breaking out these shark bite cupcakes that Emily presents at Cupcakes and Cashmere for upcoming SHARK WEEK (it starts August 12 on Discovery Channel, put it in your calendars people). I mean, seriously, they even have fake blood inside!

I love lemon curd with a passion, oozing off a slice of hot buttered toast. And I used to have a hard time finding it. Until, I discovered it at TJ Maxx across the street from my office, and now I always have a few merry jars in my cabinet. This roundup of online speciality food stores at The Kitchn would have also been a perfect place to look for those difficult objects (like good Cadbury bars or Lyle's Golden Syrup).

Be sure to enter the contest at The Pioneer Woman's site to win a beautiful cherry red Kitchen Aid 
stand mixer!

I'm planning on hitting up the lavender stand at the Union Square farmer's market tomorrow to purchase some dried lavender for this Almond Custard Pie with Lavender Syrup from Eva at Adventures in Cooking.


I've wanted to participate in Umba Box's monthly system (where you receive a specially curated item for your home monthly) ever since Oh Joy blogged about it. But before you purchase it, try entering the contest at Sincerely, Kinsey to win a 3 month subscription.

Really excited for the next issue of Anthology Magazine. Issue No. 8 deals with people in the creative industry and the way their lives and work intertwine. See a preview here.


  1. Staring at people across the way is only creepy when they wave to you

    1. ha, I keep waiting for someone to do that!


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