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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inspired by Erin at Apartment 34, I'd like to share some of the books I'm reading this summer. I don't find that I read any more or less in the summertime, as most of my reading is done on the kindle while riding on the subway. But for some reason it comes up more in discussions during the summer months, so I thought it would be fun to find out what you guys are reading too so I can add to my collection! Here's what I'm into or about to start right now:

What are you reading and loving so far this season? To see more books in my queue check out my Pinterest page on books.


Season 3 of Downton Abbey feels very far away. Whet your appetite with amazing editorial spread of some of the beautiful Crawley girls in Love Magazine, found on Tom + Lorenzo today.

Are you following The Selby's journey from Paris to Shanghai by train? He has been commissioned by Louis Vuitton to photograph the experience of traveling by train and the photographs are incredible. Part two of the journey is up now.


Craving these homemade sweet pickles from Hannah at Honey & Jam. My mom made some similar ones with a recipe from Darina Allen so I'll try both out and see what's best.

Making this for dinner tomorrow (ooops I've been up so long that it's now Sunday): Pea Risotto with Prosciutto and Basil Oil from Sunday Suppers.


  1. Thanks for posting books to read - I'm always looking out for new suggestions! Gone Girl very good as is The Red Queen...I'd give it away if I protaganists in them!

    1. I have so many more books to add! Maybe I'll do a monthly post like this...


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