Thursday, July 26, 2012

We had a crazy scary storm tonight. Seriously, the sky was roiling and boiling like we were underneath the ocean looking up to the surface.


Ice cream in a bowl is pretty sweet, and when you can eat the bowl too? I think that's the sweetest of all. Check out the chocolate bowls from Victoria at A Subtle Revelry.

I was looking for something simple to bake for a get together this weekend and Siri has just given me the answer. I'll be breaking the cardinal rule of baking (which is to never try out a new recipe for a group of people) with this Coconut Cake with Berries and Cream from Martha Stewart. Wish me luck!

Interior design:

Design Mom is giving away a $150 gift certificate to Pottery Barn Kids. I think I'd be spending it on this adorable elephant bedding!


Erin at Apartment 34 has curated a collection for RueLaLa and as of today you can head over there to shop her awesome selections for your wardrobe.

I liked this post today by Joy on the daily balance of working and having a child. Her experience is not the normal one because she has an incredibly successful blog and has the luxury of working from home  but I still like her perspective.


  1. From Japan. It is really scary clouds.

  2. Such a beautiful picture of that storm though, even though I am sure it was scary! haha


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