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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ugh, you guys. I was having an okay day until I lost/had my wallet stolen on the way home! It's gone, totally gone. I think I dropped it and when I realized it was gone 5 minutes later it was too late. I retraced my steps, but whoever picked it up was long gone. I'm still hoping it will turn up, but have cancelled my cards just in case. The pain of the wallet episode is now being dulled by some chocolate and hopefully the weekend won't have any more surprises for me. Deep breaths: I am the limitless blue sky.


As Sarah of The Yellow House says, pears are the perfect transition fruit from the sweetness of summer berries to the crisp autumn apples. She demonstrates this with a beautiful looking pear pie.

Not Without Salt reflects on the age old question of happiness and where to find it. She questions whether you can truly find happiness while others around you are still searching. Perhaps it's in helping others achieve their own happiness that we will find our own? To help you on your way there, she posts this yummy recipe for cornmeal cake with blueberries and maple whipped cream. It would certainly make my household happy if I made this!

Icy Violet's Kitchen slays me with this lavender custard with blackberry wine glaze. What an amazing dessert to use up some of the lavender seeds that are floating around my kitchen.

Interior design:

We recently split our bedroom down the middle to create a second bedroom. The half we are sleeping in now has no closet, so we had a wardrobe built for our half. I'm in love with it and am excited to deck it out with some really funky drawer and door pulls from Anthropologie. I was thinking of these glamorous mirror pulls found on Remodelista today.

Ummm I've been forbidden from buying any more bedding for our household. But if I was on the lookout for a duvet cover, I'd head over to this entry on Apartment Therapy about picking the most affordable (but still fashionable) cover.


I love this idea of making your favorite instagram photos into magnets via The Everygirl.

There is a good review of the Tory Burch collection at fashion week on Quintessence.

Get an in-depth look at the super fashionable Erin from Apartment 34's closet here. She even includes solutions for shoe storage, which is something I'm personally always looking for. Also the wall decal on the closet is such a good idea. Might have to steal it :)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Top left, green jeans and Keds from Madewell


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your wallet...a nuisance.
    Yesterday was strange.
    That no A/C thing put us all off track.


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